Kiki X Chucky Shares His Thoughts On SA Hip Hop GateKeepers

Kiki X Chucky Shares His Thoughts On SA Hip Hop GateKeepers. Rising rapper Kiki X Chucky is a hip hop/trap & modern-day rock artist who is on a mission to create waves in the industry. The Johannesburg native in 2020 released a 12 track EP, Redamancy and has released a new offering, The Price Went Up, in 2021. The rapper in an interview with Hype Magazine shared his thoughts on the SA hip hop industry and the music industry as a whole.

Making it in the industry is not as easy as it often seems, emerging artists often have to work hard in order for them to get past gatekeepers in the industry. Kiki X Chucky shared with Hype Magazine that he feels gatekeepers in SA Hip Hop have given up on the genre. “Right now, I feel like the gatekeepers of SA Hip Hop have given up on the genre, which makes it super hard for us”.

Even though some gatekeepers have given up on the genre, Kiki X Chucky added that he will always have faith, when it comes to the hip hop genre. “I’ll always have faith because hip hop will never die. It ain’t gqom or house music.” The music industry in SA is huge and consists of many genres and one could argue and say that it is divided, Kiki X Chucky shared that if he could change something about the industry, he would change “the separation, the petty beefs”.

“I mean, imagine if everyone or every artist supported the next and showed support instead of hate. If you hate, you will never get a different outcome and as a genre, unfortunately, we stay at the same place, with no growth…So I would change the hate into love,” he told the publication.

Kiki X Chucky as an artist is constantly working on his craft and with his music, he aims to tell the message of “love”. He is currently working on a new project 444, the project is currently in the works, the rapper is not yet sure how many songs will be on the project. He told Hype Magazine, “My energy is always protected, meaning love to my supporters. Not sure how many songs I’m putting on this one, but trust me when I say this project is on a godly level and so are the visuals, and let me not forget to add the features- NEXT LEVEL.”

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