Maglera Speaks On Continuing With Jabba’s Motswako Legacy

Maglera Speaks On Continuing With Jabba’s Motswako Legacy. Rapper Maglera Doe Boy is out and about in the hip hop streets causing waves, as he continues to create his mark. Maglera Doe Boy, this year dropped his debut project 2Player [The Digital Score], a 14-track album. The album shows off the wordsmith’s take on motswako rap.

The Motswako rapper is passionate about his rap style, which sees him follow the footsteps of pioneers Morafe, HHP and Khuli Chana who features on his album. Maglera caused some serious waves, when it came to the drop of his debut album, as he leaked the project on social media “Album Leak Alert! My first offering. Love Doe Boy,” he tweeted at the time.

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In a letter posted on his Twitter, the rapper explained that “If you are reading this you have been sent the leak. 2Player The Digital Score. Memoirs for the township kids who used to play di game tsa PlayStation by the Bodega at the taxi rank with me. To the South African youth from the lower class who cannot buy this art but hustled airtime to download it.”

A fan recently tweeted that “Maglera Doe Boy is in form yeses” praising the new kid on the block who is currently featuring on some of hip hop’s hottest drops. The young rapper has worked with Boity, Yanga and rappers 25K and Priddy Ugly, who both dropped albums this month. Maglera responded to the fan and said “Till Jabba returns. Motswako will live through me.” The rapper in his response is letting fans and critics know that through him Motswako will leave on.

The rapper is not about to stop making waves anytime soon and with each verse he lays, he shows fans just how talented he is with his music. Maglera’s fans are here for all the heat that the rapper is bringing and are constantly singing him praises on social media.

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