Nadia Nakai Ranks Boity, Gigi Lamayne, Moozlie And Rouge From Best To Worst

Nadia Nakai Ranks Boity, Gigi Lamayne, Moozlie And Rouge From Best To Worst. Nadia has become a strong advocate for females in hip hop to get the recognition that they deserve and often promotes unity amongst the ladies. Nadia Nakai was put in the hot seat during her interview on Lasizwe’s popular YouTube show, Drink Or Tell The Truth, when she was asked to rank Mzansi female rappers in the order of best to worst.

Lasizwe asked Nadia to rank the following female rappers from best to worst, Boity, Rouge, Gigi Lamayne and Moozlie. The question was definitely a sizzling question, as Nadia has relationships with each lady. Nadia has worked with Gigi on music, she is friends with Boity and she is cool with Rouge. Her relationship with Moozlie is a work in progress. In her responses, Nadia broke down why each rapper was positioned at the spot she placed them. Nadia’s best was Boity, Gigi Lamayne, Rouge and her least was Moozlie.

Nadia placed Boity at number 1, “I think she’s working the raps and the looks and the aesthetic and the bookings and everything just connects like I like things, more than the music for me,” Nadia explained. The rapper then went on to place Gigi Lamayne at number 2, “I love Gigi, she’s my sister though but I love her because she’s resilient like she is going to push and I love the drive,” Nadia shared. At number 3, Nadia placed Rouge, “Rouge is just a sick artist, I think she’s a beautiful musician. She knows how to sing, she knows how to rap, she knows how to tell stories as well and also her beat selection she never misses”.

At number 4, Nadia placed Moozlie but explained that the decision is not based on their past altercations. “The Nomuzi from CashTime was more exciting for me. I feel like she was that bad b* with the short hair and she was twerking on stage and right now it’s just now my vibe. But if she went back to like that CashTime, Moozlie that CashTime Moozlie, that shit was freaking dope.”

Whilst Nadia may not be close pals with all the ladies, there is a level of respect amongst each other. When Boity first dropped her musical offering, Nadia found herself being compared to Boity. However, Nadia had no issue with the comparison, as she has never had a problem with the media personality. Whilst there have been rumours of bad vibes, between Rouge and Nadia, there is no problem between the ladies. Rouge has shut down beef rumours between her and Nadia.

In an interview with MacG, Rouge explained that Nadia and she are not friends but there is no problem between them. When it comes to Nadia’s relationship with Gigi Lamayne the two rappers are on good terms, they have even collaborated on a track together and Nadia has publicly supported Gigi on social media after she detailed her struggles in the SA hip hop industry. Moozlie and Nadia have a complicated and the two have previously clashed heads but the two ladies are cordial towards each other on the streets.

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