SA Hip Hop Reacts To Current Negative Conversation Around The Genre

SA Hip Hop Reacts To Current Negative Conversation Around The Genre. The conversation around SA Hip Hop at the moment has been hot, as various people have been weighing in and sharing their views on whether hip hop is dead or alive in the country. A lot is and has been said on the Twitter streets about hip hop, some artists and DJs have tweeted their opinions on the state of South Ah hip hop. The conversation has been an ongoing one, especially as Amapiano dominates at the moment. SA Hip Hop has been around for many years and it seems that it is always competing against some other genre in the country.

No one seems to be able to reach common ground on the matter but SA hip hop lovers are defending the genre and are claiming that genre is very well and alive in South Ah. SA Hip Hop artists may be defending the genre but they are not blind to the problems within the genre. Rapper Rouge after noticing all the negative conversation around hip hop shared that it’s sad that the genre is now being ridiculed for some odd reason. “It’s actually sad how negative the conversation on SAHiphop has been. A genre that had been good to SA is now being almost ridiculed for some odd reason,” the rapper tweeted.

SA Hip Hop has been coming through with the releases and there are a few hip hop tracks dominating the charts, yet there is chatter about the genre being dead. DJ Double D raised his view and explained that the problem is that people seem to be unable to honestly critic SA Hip Hop music. The Hip Hop DJ shared a tweet where he advised musicians to get out of their feelings and head back to the studio. The producer went on to say that artists are more on Twitter than the studio. The DJ did not hold back one bit when it came to what he had to say.

The DJ went on to share, the “truth” which he said “no one wants to say or admit” is that artists need to drop hits so that DJs will play it. The DJ reminded his tweeps that “mediocre music doesn’t sell nor does it rock the crowd!” DJ Double D‘s comments could be aimed at rapper Yanga Chief who recently expressed that DJ’s playing 90 American Hip Hop sets does nothing for SA Hip Hop.

Rapper Luna Florentino shared that the reason why someone people think SA Hip Hop is dead is that the spotlight has shifted as is no longer on them or their friends. Luna Florentino went on to explain that critics find this easier to say than to acknowledge the next generation. “They find it easier to say Hip Hop is dead than to acknowledge the next gen that’s keeping it alive. Yall will rather tell people “the torch is off than pass the torch to the nex kid”. Gatekeeping is often thrown in the conversation when it comes to SA Hip Hop and Spoken Priestess, a DJ also shared that those who had thought they would be unable to stop SA Hip Hop are unable to because it can not be stopped.

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