Tweezy Is Not About To Let SA Hip Hop Die

Tweezy Is Not About To Let SA Hip Hop Die. Tweezy is arguably one of the best hip hop producers in South Ah, he has produced some of the genres greatest hits, working with rappers such as AKA, L-Tido, Nasty C and Cassper Nyovest. The Soweto-born producer and rapper, has created a strong reputation for himself when it comes to the hip hop game all because of his stellar work.

Tweezy recently shared a tweet, where he added his voice to the ongoing discussion that hip hop is dead in South Ah. Tweezy shared on Twitter that as long as he is alive, SA hip hop can never die. “SA Hip Hop can never die for as long as I’m alive,” tweeted the rapper. His statement of course ruffled feathers on the streets, with tweeps sharing their thoughts on his statement.

One tweep argued that genre is not dead in South Ah as the new fresh blook is keeping the genre running whilst the old dogs lay. The tweep shared that new talent should be discovered and given a chance to show their craft off. “S.A Hip-hop ain’t dead Just old dogs laying over new fresh blood to keep it running. If more and more fresh new Breeze of talent can be discovered as to be given an opportunity to display their craft then all y’all can really see that it’s still very much alive very far from Dead,” tweeted the tweep.

Other tweeps agreed with Tweezy’s point, whilst some were trying to figure out who Tweezy is. Several comments asking “who are you” could be seen on Tweezy’s post. Those tweeps must not be clued up about the who’s who of the hip hop game. One tweep reminded people that Tweezy has produced for some of SA best rappers and also shared his famous tag line. “It goes to show y’all listen to hip hop lite….Twezzy has been produce for years for some of the best SA Rappers…that “Ayobaarrrr” tag…is his…if u really listened yo hip hop and not this new soundcloud mumble rap you’d know who tweezy is,” tweeted the fan.

Those who know Tweezy, know that he needs no introduction. The award-winning rapper recently shared on his Instagram page, how he has made something of himself in less than a decade. “I made something out of nothing and became a master of what I love to do in the process. 22 platinum certified, 5 gold certified and 15 award winning songs in less than a decade…all a result of being a slave to my dreams, a burning desire to succeed, my faith in God and a level of work ethic that makes it impossible to drop the ball,” read his post in part.

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