AKA Reveals How Much He Got Paid For His First Gig

AKA Reveals How Much He Got Paid For His First Gig. When an artist is on the come up, there is not a lot of financial gains. Many artists have often spoken about having to perform for free and having to hustle for petrol money, just to be get to their next gig. All those exposure gigs at the end, do end up leading to artists earning some big bags. However, exposure does not pay the bills but everyone must also pay their dues.

During Costa Titch and AKA’s interview on the podcast with Life With Lebang, the Areyeng hitmaker revealed what other work, he was involved in during his come up to make ends met. Costa explained to host Lebang Kgosana, how doesn’t understand how clubs can offer upcoming artists a bottle of alcohol as a payment. “Let’s be honest guys on the come up, free performances all the time. I don’t understand the concept of how a club can offer you a free bottle over,” said Costa Titch. This is something AKA and Lebang somehow saw an issue with. Supa Mega then went on to reveal how much he was paid for his first gig.

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Bro, it’s the come up, you gotta pay your dues,” AKA explained to Costa. The rapper went on to reveal that his first gig was at a place in Sandton and how much he got paid and what he did with the money. “My first was at M and A in Sandton and they gave me 5klips and dude poured gas with 250 bought Hunters with the other 250 and that was it and I performed,” shared AKA. Supa Mega has certainly come a long way from being paid R500 for a gig. The rapper in 2019 charged R30 000 for a show, the price might have risen by now.

Lebang went on to add, “it’s a part of the process but I guess now more like young rappers aren’t seeing that and identifying it as an important part of the process because of instant things like gratification and also a lot of artists don’t show you when they were hungry and when they were struggling, they kind of show you, I’ve arrived. So you also think all I gotta do is rock up and Ive arrived and you start being mad at the game for making you have to get exposure for your talent, it’s a part of the process. AKA agreed with Lebang, who is 0a seasoned radio broadcaster and voice over artist and went on to add that the process, “builds character”.

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