Cassper And Nadia Respond To “Tension” Speculations

Cassper And Nadia Respond To “Tension” Speculations. Over the years Cassper Nyovest and Nadia Nakai have formed quite a friendship, the two have collaborated on great music together. During the time when Nadia was signed to Cassper’s record label, Family Tree they two were often seen together at events or social media when they hung out be in the studio or where ever. Now that Nadia is no longer a part of Family Tree things are different between the two SA Hip Hop artists.

Both Cassper and Nadia have spoken about the state of their relationship following Nadia’s exit, however, some fans have picked up on some tension between the award-winning artists. A fan decided to pluck up the courage and ask Cassper if he and Nadia are cool because the vibes are saying otherwise. “Hey @casspernyovest I’ve been asking you this question are you cool with Nadia there is some tension I sense between you guys,” asked the tweep.

Mufasa responded to the tweep and set the record straight and indicated that there was no tension between him and Bragga. Cassper told the tweep that since Nadia is no longer signed to Family Tree and they no longer work together, they naturally won’t hang out as much as they previously did. “Nah but she left the label and we no longer work together so naturally we won’t hang as much. She’s got a new team and I’m sure she’ll be good cause she always did her own thing anyway,” responded Cassper.

Nadia also caught Cassper’s response to the tweep and gave her take on things and from her side, it’s all love. Nadia retweeted Cassper’s response and wrote “All love!”. The two may not be working together anymore but they will always care for each other, after all, they did form a great working and personal relationship over the years. Earlier this year, Nadia announced her departure from Family Tree. Nadia shared that she left the label during her interview with Slikour.

“No, I’m not still with the tree, I’m working on my own record label at the moment. It is very tricky cause when I had the conversation with Cass I was so scared to talk to him, I was like, ‘listen, I need to do my own thing, I could feel like he was sad,” Nadia revealed. Bragga also shared during the interview that Cassper has been very supportive on her new journey.  “Later on he thought out and he sent me a message and he was like… ‘okay, what do you need me to do? I think this is what you should do’. He gave me some record label name ideas and I was like nooo, we went back and forth. He advised me that I should sign my record label and not me individually which was good advice cause I initially was going to go direct like that. We still good but I think just like artist trajectory I have to do my own thing and stand on my own two feet and start my sh*t,” shared Nadia.

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