Cassper Responds To Claims SA Hip Hop Needs His Presence

Cassper Responds To Claims SA Hip Hop Needs His Presence. Cassper Nyovest is currently out and about in the UK doing some big things and he has is not really too concerned with things that are happening on the South Ah Hip Hop streets. However, fans and critics and fans of the genre seem to always drag the rapper into the conversation about SA Hip Hop. The rapper may be making waves in the UK but does find time to respond to tweets that involve his name.

Cassper’s rival, AKA recently dropped a collaborative project with rapper Costa Titch. The project has received mixed reviews from fans, some love it while some people are not convinced about the dopeness of the project, called You’re Welcome. Mufasa was dragged into a conversation about the project because of a tweet, that asked if people think SA Hip Hop needs Cassper Nyovest. “Costa Titch And AKA created a decent collaboration project 🔥🤌🏾 . Do you think SA HIP HOP NEEDS CASSPER NYOVEST presence?” asked the tweep.

Don Billiato caught wind of the tweet and while the question was not directed at him, he still shared his take on the matter. In his response, Cassper made it clear that he is not bothered and would rather be left out of the conversation and he is busy in the UK working with Grammy Award-winning artists. “I’m in the UK working with Grammy Award winners boys. Enjoyang le tswe mo nna,” responded the rapper. Cassper has been mentioned heavily in the ongoing debate on the state of SA Hip Hop, some people have argued that Hip Hop is dead in South Ah and the rapper needs to return to the game and revive it. However, not everyone shares those sentiments as according to some the SA Hip Hop streets are doing well without Cassper.

Cassper is loving being in the UK and it seems that his time in the country is also inspiring him to create some new rap music. The rapper shared with his fans and followers that he is in the mood to rap and get a few things off his chest just as he did on his diss track, Ashes to Ashes. “Something about London makes me wanna rap, like talk my shit like. Ashes to ashes like,” tweeted the rapper. Cassper dropped Ashes to ashes as a diss track aimed at AKA and was also recorded in the UK. Cassper had shared with his followers that he would like to drop a hip hop track and it is possible he has hit the studio in the UK to work on the Hip Hop track.

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