Cassper Trolls SA Hip Hop As He Brags About Dropping A Banger

Cassper Trolls SA Hip Hop As He Brags About Dropping A Banger. Rapper Cassper Nyovest did not miss the ongoing chat around SA Hip Hop on Twitter and he decided to let his fans know what his take is on the matter. Whilst some people may have not asked or wanted Cassper’s opinion he was tagged or mentioned in tweets about SA Hip Hop, so his comments shouldn’t come as a surprise. The rapper in his remark toyed with the idea that he would be dropping a hip hop banger but later made a u-turn and said he wouldn’t. This all changed though after he was praised by “grootman” DJ Sbu.

Cassper told his fans that if they are nice to him, he would drop a hip hop track this September. The decision to want to drop a hip hop track was sparked by the Hip Hop is dead or alive conversation currently trending on social media. The award-winning musician also shared that the hip hop track would be a collaboration between him and one of the new kids in the game. Mufasa teased that the track is “a definite knocker.” As much as news of a Hip Hop release from Cassper is good news to his fans, there was a catch in the announcement. The rapper told his fans that they needed to butter him up in order for him to release the track. “Tell me I’m the greatest,” he shared in his tweet.

“I see the SA Hip Hop chats back home. If yall are nice to me, I’ll drop 1 Hip Hop Banger in Sep. Also it’ll be a Collabo with one of the new kids. A definite knocker, yall gotta be on your best behavior in my comments doe. Tell me I’m the greatest, that type of shit. Let’s go!!!!” read Cassper’s tweet. The tweet sure stirred up the Twitter streets, some fans and followers did put on their best behaviour and told the rapper that he is “the greatest” but not everyone took note of Cassper’s instructions. One tweep commented his prediction of how Cassper would act after he dropped his hip hop track. “@casspernyovestafter dropping a hip hop song after a year”I been carry the game” just wait see,” wrote the fan.

The tweep’s comment was enough to remind Cassper exactly why he has stepped back from the SA Hip Hop scene. In his response, the rapper shared that he was taking back his statement that he would be dropping as he doesn’t miss the negative energy. “Okay I take it back actually. I’m not dropping anything. I don’t miss this energy. PIANO TO THE WORLD!!!!” wrote the rapper. However, things ended up being saved by DJ Sbu who commented on Cassper’s original tweet and told him to “bring the music” and even called the rapper the “greatest”.

DJ Sbu’s words were clearly something Cassper needed him to hear as it gave him the needed confidence boost to allow remind him exactly who he is. The rapper went on to announce that he would drop the hip hop track and revealed that he was initially trolling. Cassper went to share with his followers the significance of DJ Sbu telling him, that he is the greatest. “I was actually trolling but this right here is crazy. You don’t get Dj Sbu saying shit like “You’re the greatest” everyday man. My life is actually crazy so many amazing moments. I appreciate you grootman. You’re also taught me the importance of self belief. Imma drop!!!”

Now, fans need to wait for Cassper to drop his collaboration with a new kid on the block, who fans are speculating could be Blxckie or 25K. Hopefully, tweeps will behave in Cassper’s comment section and let the rapper drop the release in peace without any negative vibes.

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