Compliment Or A Diss? Big Hash Calling Blxckie’s Music ‘Crack Music’ Leaves Tweeps Divided

A tweet is a few words that can be interpreted in different ways by the reader on the other end. Some tweets are at a times misinterpreted and the intent behind a tweet is taken the wrong way by tweeps. Big Hash’s latest tweet about one of the hottest rappers currently on the South Ah Hip Hop streets has left many people a tad confused. Big Hash shared a tweet about Blxckie who is currently dropping hit after hit.

The last time fans had checked things were good between the collaborators, so his latest tweet has left many scratching their heads as they try to make sense of the tweet. Big Hash tweeted that Blxckie is not an artist but a drug dealer. The young rapper went on to say that Blxckie has been making crack music all year. “Blxckie is not an artist, he’s a drug dealer! That man’s been making crack music all year,” Big Hash’s strong-worded statement had fans divided as to whether it was a diss or compliment.

One fan, who was left very confused by the tweet, asked Big Hash if his statement was a pun or something. Another tweep even shared that Big Hash should retype the tweet as the delivery did not come across good. Another tweet even said that when it comes to rappers one can never be certain especially with the way they speak amongst each other. “I’m not sure If this is a complement or a diss. You never know with these rappers and how they speak. Uthin umntana ngo Blxckie?” wrote the tweep.

However, a few tweeps understood Big Hash‘s play on words and took it as the young rapper was paying a compliment to Blxckie. One tweep explained that crack is a drug and a person gets addicted, which is the kind of music Blxckie has been dishing out, music that is addictive. “I’m taking it as a compliment, you know how Crack is a drug and you get addicted to it, that’s what blxckie has been serving to us, addictive music,” wrote the tweep. Another tweep even commented that they are hooked on Blxckie’s music.

However, it does seem that Big Hash is coming from a compliment perspective as he also took to his Instagram stories and shared a screenshot of him playing Blxckie’s latest song, Kwenzekile featuring Madumane and Chang Chello. Big Hash wrote in his story, “This that crack music nigga @Blxckie”. An indication that Big Hash is addicted to the new release from Blxckie.

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