How to Create and Edit Music Lists on iTunes

As any other app for Macs, iTunes seems pretty basic on its surface, but you realize that it’s powerful and complex as you get to use it more. From macOS Catalina and forward, iTunes was broken into separate apps: Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, Apple Books, and Apple TV. It became a bit confusing for users, but we got used to the new environment. When we talk about editing and creating music lists on iTunes, we focus on the Music app. 

Let’s simplify this process as much as possible. We’ll explain how you can create new lists, delete duplicate songs, and edit the lists as your music taste evolves. 

Create a Music List from Scratch

Open the Music app on your Mac, and look into the options under File. You should choose New > Playlist. You’ll immediately see a blank playlist on the left, waiting to be filled with the chosen tracks. 

First, you should name the playlist. Choose a word or phrase that you’ll immediately connect with the songs you plan to add. For example, the playlist can be based on a mood. Chill, nostalgic, uplifting, adrenalin rush – those are good names for individual playlists. 

Now, you need to get into your Library. There, you can find the needed tracks under Browse or Listen Now. When you see a song that belongs to this new playlist, you can simply drag and drop it into the sidebar on the left. 

Whenever you add songs that aren’t part of the Library, they are automatically added there. If you want to disable this feature, you can do it under Preferences

Edit an Existing Music List

It happens to the best of us: sometimes we add a song that doesn’t fit into the playlist’s mood. Sometimes the order is all wrong. Editing the playlist is easy; you just need to explore the app a bit.

  • Some songs get boring after a few days, so you’d like to remove them from the selection. In that case, you can remove the item. It’s simple: just select the song you don’t want there, and hit Delete. 
  • The app also allows you to rename the playlist. You only need to select its name and type the new one. 
  • To add a new item, you can drag and drop it into the sidebar. 
  • To change the order of the tracks, you can drag them up and down the list. To activate that feature, choose Playlist Order under View > Sort by

Delete Duplicate Songs from the Music App

If you’ve been using the Music app for a long time, you’ve probably added duplicate songs without being aware of it. Sometimes the names differ, so it’s hard to find duplicates when they aren’t listed in order. If you set a goal for a cleaner and faster Mac with more storage space, deleting duplicates in the Music app is the first step to take.

  • First, backup your music just in case. This is necessary, since you may accidentally delete files that you’ll want to bring back.
  • The app gives you a straightforward feature that shows items to be removed. Under File > Library, you’ll see an option Show Duplicate Items. Choose it, and you’ll see all the duplicates. Be careful not to delete all items; you want to keep one of the duplicate files. It’s best to keep the track with the most plays. Check the length; different versions of the song may be behind the same name.

Delete a Playlist

You got so bored with a playlist that you want it out of the system? Maybe it reminds you of the ex, or you played it too many times during workouts. The following steps will get you covered:

  • Choose the playlist you no longer want in the app
  • Hit the Delete key

That’s it. 

Keep in mind that the songs from this playlist will still be featured in your iTunes library. To remove them all, you should control-click the playlist in the sidebar, and choose the option Delete from Library

Explore the App!

You see? Everything is easy with Apple’s apps. You get the options that you need, and you can intuitively handle the commands. 

If you’re one of those users who miss the old iTunes, it’s time to accept the fact that things have changed. Explore the Music app and you’ll learn to love it. 

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