Ms Cosmo Celebrates The POPcast Coming To TV Screens

Ms Cosmo Celebrates The POPcast Coming To TV Screens. The Popcast crew has been around for a couple of years, the popular YouTube podcast talks all things SA Hip Hop and the discussion are as candid as can be. The show is currently hosted by panellists digital creator and producer Sipho Snaps, who also goes by the name Muchi and radio host, DJ and producer Ms Cosmo. On each episode, they break down some of the hottest topics in SA Hip Hop, from the music to the ins and outs of the music business.

Channel O has announced that a four-part special of the show, will be coming to Mzansi screens. Viewers will get to see the panellists do what they do best, sharing their views and educating people on the inner workings of the industry. The four-part special will feature interviews with Dj Sabby, Ayanda MVP, Smash Afrika and Loot. The POPcast took to Twitter to share that the podcast coming to TV was a “dream come true” for everyone involved. The announcement is a big deal for all those involved as it shows just how far POPcast has evolved. Ms Cosmo retweeted the announcement and shared “I KNOW DATS RIGHT”. DJ Dimplez who is involved in the behind the scenes of the show, thanked fans for the support.

The show has gone through a few changes prior to the announcement, such as radio host and hip-hop commentator Scoop Makhathini no longer sitting on the panel. Scoop shared his departure a few weeks ago when Muchi joined the show. Muchi, joining the panel was well received by fans of the SA Hip Hop show, one person who certainly impressed was Nota. The outspoken personality shared a review of the POPcast and claimed that Muchi rescued the show. “Popcast was on a path to self destruction until they got the YouTube OG and Microwave Boy Muchi on the show,” Nota shared.

The producer, also explained why he felt this way. Nota shared that “too much ass kissing and dick riding almost killed the show. Lack of research and presenter arrogance are the ingredients of failure on a platform which demands authenticity at all costs.” One fan agreed with Nota and shared that Sipho has been able to bring some light to the show and remarked that now at least they have a host, who is informed about the culture and not someone who says, “I haven’t listened to it yet”. Nota also added that it should be about delivering content of a high standard, instead of friendships. “It’s not about saying nice things about your friends, it’s about giving good content.”

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