Ms Cosmo Shares Her Thoughts On Zingah’s Management Deal With Vth Season

Ms Cosmo Shares Her Thoughts On Zingah’s Management Deal With Vth Season. South Ah Hip Hop artist Zingah recently signed a management deal with one of Africa‚Äôs leading music marketing agencies, Vth Season. The reputable agency has worked with several award-winning artists in Mzansi such as AKA, Ami Faku and Manu Worldstar. Zingah noted that signing the deal with Vth Season was not only an opportunity to work with a great management team but also to be able to learn from the best in the music business.

Popular Hip Hop DJ and 5FM radio host Ms Cosmo recently shared her thoughts on Zingah latest move on the YouTube show, the POPcast. Zingah has been making some moves this year, dropping some hot music and he even earned himself his first Gold plaque. It is evident that Zingah has taken a new direction when it comes to his career. “I think for me at that point, I was like okay cool now I can see that he’s trying to take his career in a certain direction,” remarked Ms Cosmo.

“Sometimes you would kind of see him kind of floating, obviously, there was the upset with the Cashtime life fam but then he decided okay let me sit down and actually do my music. He was just signed he had a licensing deal just with Sony but for me, I was like okay but what else are you doing for yourself and the importance about a management team like that is that they can take them to the next level get them the brand deals, get him in front of people, get him doing PR. You know because you can only be a good rapper for so long, what else can you bring to the table for people to pay attention,” Ms Cosmo went on to add.

Fellow host Sipho, who now goes by the name Muchi, went on to speak on the work Vth Season has done with the careers of various artists such as Yanga Chief. Choreographer and musician Courtnae Paul was the guest host on the episode also spoke about being signed with the marketing agency last year. Courtnae noted that the agency and she had a good relationship but she ended up leaving to take a different route. “Look, I was there for a year last year. I think that was when I also initially started taking these like you’re saying, it’s like what’s the next level you know. So I was with them from like I think June till August like when I dropped the EP and amazing people you know I think its important to find where your synergies lie,” explained Courtnae.

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