Nadia Nakai Slams Stylist For Ruining Her R12 000 Wig

Nadia Nakai Slams Stylist For Ruining Her R12 000 Wig. It has been said that a person should never mess with a woman’s treasured items such as her wigs. Women in South Ah when it comes to quality hair have become known to spend thousands on wigs. Rapper Nadia Nakai is no different in the matter, when it comes to her hair Bragga goes for the best. Nadia’s fabulous hairstyles have become a part of her image and her fans have seen her experimenting with all kinds of wig colours and styles. Nadia does not play when it comes to her looks, she has proven this every time she decides to switch up hairdo looks. The rapper is also not afraid to drop a huge bag on some quality hair.

When it comes to service providers such as hairstylists sometimes things don’t go according to plan and the end-product does not come out as planned. Nadia was left fuming after she took a wig of hers to celebrity hairstylist, LajawaiHair to revive the colour but instead botched the job. Nadia took to her Instagram stories to share how her multi-coloured wig was ruined by the hairstylist who has was worked with the likes of TV personality Minnie Dlamini. In her Instagram stories, Nadia explained how she took the wig to LajawaiHair after they told her they would be able to get the job done. The stylist was clearly unable to do the job and ruined Nadia’s R12 000 wig.

“Wow, Lajawi are you proud of this, when you give it back to me. This is the wig you have had for over three months. You’ve completely destroyed it. What colour is this? If you say, you colour and this is what you mean, this is complete bullshit. Don’t say you are a hairstylist if you don’t know what the fuck you are doing. This wig was R12 000. Like what the fuck, so you gave it back to me like this for what” says Nadia in the clips. The rapper posted before and after images of the wig so her followers could see the difference in the hair after it was touched by Lajawi. “You completely fucked up hair @lajawihair,” captioned Nadia in one of the videos. The wig is a few years old and Nadia hasn’t been seen rocking it in a while. Well, she does have plenty of wigs to pick and choose from, however that does not take away from the bad job done to the wig.

Nadia when it comes to her looks does not play around, she once was labelled as a diva after she called a make-up artist a dumb b**ch after she was late. Nadia made the comments on her YouTube series #BossingWithNadiaNakai. “I was not the one to be f**ked with. Firstly she was late, the dumb b**ch! And her eyebrows were going in other directions,”┬ásaid Bragga in the clip.

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