Nota Is Not Feeling Cassper’s ‘Billiato’ Bottle, Claims He Copied The Design

Nota Is Not Feeling Cassper’s ‘Billiato’ Bottle, Claims He Copied The Design. Nota is known not to hold back when it comes to his opinions. The vocal personality following the announcement of Cassper Nyovest’s new alcohol venture has made his thoughts known. Cassper recently announced his new liquor brand ‘Billiato A Taste Of Wealth’ and unveiled the bottle for his product. The bottle of Cassper’s liquor has a simple yet elegant design and has white and gold colours.

The bottle has the Billiato logo written in gold and has been praised so far by the public and some can’t wait for Billiato to hit shelves in November so they can see the bottle in person. Nota, however, is one person that will not be rushing to get the bottle. Nota shared on Instagram a screenshot of a tweet that had two images of liquor bottles, one belonging to Cassper and the other being Grandeur Gin. Nota in his caption took a dig at Cassper’s latest venture. “Capper is at it again… This time he copied @grandeurgin’s bottle design for his new spirit, SMH!”

Nota is known to be critical of the moves Cassper makes and his followers took to his comment section to share their thoughts on Nota’s latest comment about the rapper. Nota was not moved by the comments and did not hesitate to respond. Nota told one follower to get out of his comments after the followers had claim Nota is jealous. Another follower raised the point that Nota hates Cassper which Nota said is not the case. Nota explained that the issue with Cassper is him not being original with his business. “Nope, he just killed his own business by not being original!” wrote Nota in response to a fan.

The former music executive previously criticised Cassper’s R100 million deal with Drip Footwear. Cassper’s deal got tongue waggings but Nota was not buying the deal and had plenty to say about it. “We can’t even tell you what the name of the product is. We can’t even show you a sample of a product, we can’t even show you a prototype. Steve Jobs didn’t walk onto the stage and tell people, Yo Apple needs to be worth two trillion dollars. He came out and said this is the iPod. He came out and said this is the iPhone. This is how it’s going to change your life, this is how it’s gonna revolutionize things, and then the product sold, and now the company is worth two trillion. The most valuable company in the world.

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