Kid X Reveals How K.O Pushed Him To Rap In Vernac

Kid X Reveals How K.O Pushed Him To Rap In Vernac. During a recent interview with Mac G on the popular podcast, Podcast and Chill With MacG, rapper Kid X revealed how rapper K.O pushed him to rap in vernacular. When Kid C began his music career he was laying bars in English but had to switch lanes to land his shot by working with K.O. It seems thanks to K.O, Kid X unearthed his talent of being able to deliver bars in vernacular. The rapper after passing K.O’s test was later signed to the former record label Cashtime Records.

While Cashtime may have ended badly there are still moments from the era that shaped SA Hip Hop. Kid X’s debut into the Hip Hop streets was because of Cashtime and his ability to rap in vernacular certainly set him apart. Speaking to Mac G he explained further how after K.O tasked him to learn how to rap in vernacular he blew him away and got signed immediately. Kid X told the story of how Zingah connected him to K.O and how he had to audition for the rapper to show he had what it tasks. However, the audition was no easy task for the rapper as he had to step into uncharted territories, rapping in vernac.

“As they leaving at the end of the night, Zingah calls me says yo come Halla at the big homie so I’m walking them out and now they walking into the car park and I’m talking to K.O, his telling me to so I’ve heard so much about the stuff that you can do and I’ve heard some of the music and I think you have a lot of potential but the only condition or the only factor for me that would decide whether or not we work, is if you can spit in vernac. He’s like I’m giving you a week, I’ll see you in a weeks time, work on some material. Fana I’ve never written a single bar of vernac at that point. So that entire week fana I’m in the workshop, trying to come up with the freshest vernac bars because this is my shot and I gotta make it. So I meet up with him a week later, he’s scoping us in Braam, me and Zingah because they are on the way to an interview on Metro FM with Touch.

Now my audition is going to happen in between that but I’m not even aware of what’s about to happen. I’m just being scooped up, yo let’s go so they scoop me then we pick up AB Fab and then we drive to the SABC and we park outside on the incline. Audition time, he switches off the car, I’m sitting in the back, he looks in the review, he’s like let me hear what you got. He hasn’t said two words to me the whole drive. He looks in the review and says okay nigga let me hear what you got, bro, no beat nothing. I think I even mentioned to say hawu no beat nyana. Bro, he’s like mfana just spit. My heart was beating out of my chest but I rapped, I kicked a couple of bars but I think I fumbled some of it. It’s in vernac, this is new territory for me,” recalled Kid X.

K.O made sure to keep Kid X on the edge as he only told him that he made the cut, during his interview with Touch on air.

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