Nota To Bring Flabba’s Debut Album ‘Nkuli vs Flabba’ To Streaming Platforms

Nota To Bring Flabba’s Debut Album ‘Nkuli vs Flabba’ To Streaming Platforms. It has been over 5 years since Hip Hop artist Flabba, real name Nkululeko Habedi passed away after being tragically killed by his then-girlfriend, Sindisiwe Manqele. Flabba was a member of SA Hip Hop group Skwatta Kamp and released a solo project called, Nkuli vs Flabba. Music executive, Nota Baloyi on 17 October, which is Flabba’s birthday paid the late rapper a visit at his resting place. Following his visit, Nota shared on social media his plan to keep Flabba’s memory alive.

Nota announced his plans to finally get Flabba’s music onto streaming platforms. The outspoken personality shared that for Flabba’s 45th birthday, which takes place in 2022, his album, Nkuli vs Flabba will be on streaming platforms. Streams have become a way for artists to generate income and for fans to listen to music at their pleasure. “Save the date, Flabba’s SAMA award winning debut album is coming to a streaming service dear to you for his 45th Birthday 17/10/22,” announced Nota on Instagram. Nkuli vs Flabba earned the late rapper an award at the 13th Annual MTN SA Music Awards for Best Rap Album.

The outspoken personality is known to ruffle feathers with his comments but this remark was well received by his fans who are in support of his mission to honour the late rapper. Earlier this year, the SA Hip Hop community paid tribute to the late rapper on the 6th anniversary of his passing. DJ Zan-D shared a heartfelt tribute on social media, as he remembered Flabba.  “This day in 2015 was a sad day in SA…but we shall continue to celebrate his life forever. We miss you Flabba. Thank you for the music.” SA Hip Hop DJ shared a memory about Flabba after seeing a picture of the late rapper. “This picture was also taken at Newscafe Sandton during the shoot of a song I did with him & Mystro “Good Life“.”

When it comes to keeping SA Hip Hop alive, Nota is always willing to do so and never shy’s away from celebrating the genre, even if it lands him in trouble. The outspoken personality is no stranger to trouble, he recently had to issue out an apology to Skwatta Kamp member, Slikour for false allegations he made about the rapper online. “I Nota, unequivocally apologize to Slikour for the false allegations and offensive insults made during my interview on @everythingsamusic’s Instagram account entitled #Nota attacks #Slikour. I acknowledge that the false accusations I made were not based on facts and were extremely hurtful. I apologize unreservedly for any harm caused to Slikour as a result of insulting utterances,” read Nota’s apology.

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