AKA Shares Why He Think His Album Altar Ego Is ‘Weak’

AKA Shares Why He Think His Album Altar Ego Is ‘Weak’. AKA’s debut studio album, Alter Ego, is definitely the project that established AKA as the brand he is today. This is one of his projects that permitted him to garner a huge number of followers, not only in Mzansi but all over Africa. After the release of Altar Ego album the floodgates of success opened up for him and he released many great albums along the way.

AKA Shares Why He Think His Album Altar Ego Is ‘Weak’

Recently the rapper has shared a very damning revelation towards his first studio album ‘Altar Ego.’ As most people might think that was AKA’s best music in his hip hop career, the rapper actually have different views. He shared on his Instagram post reflecting on his previous hip hop albums, he indicated that Altar Ego was not his best work, rather he dubbed it as ‘Weak.’

Hmmm dunno how I feel about this one. Personally …. I think it’s weak. I hate how my voice & my character sounds. Still some SOLID cuts on this Jawn tho.  … also I made this album when I didn’t have any real bread that’s why I’m spitting so hard on Victory Lap for example … my tone is so aggressive throughout this project, you can hear I don’t have money  yet … and not having money is AF.” He wrote.

After the release of his album Touch My Blood AKA has been very vocal in the hip hop space working with different artists and producing some hit songs. AKA and Costa Titch announced their collaborative album “You’re Welcome.” The duo has been working on new music together, and while it was first expected that there would only be one song, “Super Soft,” they released their second, “Big Deal.”

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