Cassper Responds To Fan Warning Him About Nota Going Around Knocking N*ggas Out

At an occasion, Cassper Nyovest expressed his opinion on the fight between Nota Baloyi and Stogie T. Before the recent tweet he advised him (Nota) and Stogie to settle their differences in the ring rather than on the street since street fights are deadly.

Taking to Twitter; Mufasa said; “I’m sorry but ain’t no way Nota Pinning Stogie Down !!! I don’t believe him!!! Well, I never believe him. Lmao.. I’m sure ba mo goteditse ka tse hot.. Settle it in the ring boys. Street fights aren’t cool, they are too dangerous. Get in the ring if you wanna be a tough guy!!!”

Now after a video that has been trending on Twitter, of drunk man claiming to have been robbed off his change in a taxi, Cassper Nyovest’s reaction to that tweets clearly shows that the Mostwako rapper is still on to Nota and he just had to juggle the memory of his followers and of the hip hop fans, reminding them of Nota and how controversial he is.

You can’t tell me this guy doesn’t remind you of Nota. Habawell! Habawelle!! Haha ! ANEVA JO!!!” Cassper tweeted.

With Cassper it didnt end it there, a fan responded warning him that he should be careful with Nota because he has been putting Niggas out. “Nota is been Knocking niggas out so be careful,” the fan warned Cassper.

The Mostwako rapper went on to respond to that tweet saying he wishes Nota could try that with him. “Haha. I WISH he would try thaylt shit with me,” Cassper responded. Would you like to see Cassper take on Nota in the boxing ring?

As it stands, it clear that Nota is becoming a controversial figure in the hip hop space day by day. Although it’s said Stogie allegedly swung at Nota Baloyi first, and it allegedly ignited the brawl, Nota also claimed that Stogie had beaten a woman two weeks previously their fight.

Taking to his Instagram story, Nota added: “Yes, it’s true, Stogie T thought he could rumble with me … I put him down fast and pinned him to the ground, and I thought about breaking his nose, but on second thought, I thought it was good”.

Before the fight with Stogie T, Nota also got into fierce debacle with SA Hip hop Producer Zooci Coke Dope.  Zocci Coke Dope issues a severe warning to Nota Baloyi regarding allegations he made about rappers in South Africa.

On his Instagram stories, Zoccie called out Nota saying; “Yo bro manage your next act, keep talking that funny stuff on TV that get people going. Keep doing you bro. You getting lost in things you don’t know when you keep running your mouth about me. Play safe bro, don’t get too caught up. Again, talking about people you don’t know will surprise you. You don’t know me at all B. I am not from this play play world of yours, you gotta know who is and who isn’t. You are not playing safe bro trust me.”

Nevertheless, Nota felt offended by Zocci Coke Dope’s words and as expected he went on and respond saying;“Sula i-Yogurt ebusweni boy ngizokuzwa kahle.” Which interprets to, “Wipe the yogurt on your face so I can hear you.”

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