Sjava Sings Maglera Doe Boy’s Praises

Maglera Doe Boy released his first solo album, 2Player [The Digital Score], after Champion Music, his 2020 collaboration EP with rapper 25K and DJ Sliqe. The CD mixes smart punchlines and melodious flows into recollections of a township childhood, delivering a real taste of the South African experience with finesse. It’s not surprising that Sjava endorsed Maglera Doe Boy as the beast in the game after dubbing him as one of the most dangerous human on the planet.

Sjava Endorsed Magleradoeboy

“One of the most dangerous human on  planet earth”. Sjava posted on his Twitter page. Surely Sjava doesn’t mean it in a bad way, therefore, is it some sort of endorsement to say that Maglera Doe Boy is the best in the game?

From the look of things it seems like, it’s not only Sjava that is talking about the works of the vibrant artist. Xplosive DJ has a talent for bringing out the best in every artist he collaborates with. And he has alluded that Maglera Doe Boy is a real talent that Hip hop followers should lookout for in the next few years.

“Maglera is too much and I don’t think he’s been heard like this before. He’s always on hard-hitting vibes”

Magleradoeboy recent project 2 Player (Digital Stores) was well embraced in the Hip hop music space. His solid style of music has enabled him to feature some well-decorated figure in the game. The 14 tracks on his albums featured the likes of DJ Sliqe, Eternity Artist PatrickxxLee, Reason, pH, Khuli Chana, DJ Speedsta, Emtee, Gemini Major, Priddy Ugly amongst others.

His creativity valor and the craft he has put in the game as propelled him to be produce top-class music that has made everybody talking about this new talent that has made tounges wagging in the music space in Mzansi.

Nevertheless, it’s quite clear why he has got Sjava talking about his works and how good he is. And there is no doubt that the boy from Northwest got a lot to give out as people groove to his recent album.

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