The Big Hash Reflects On Why Artists Should Own Their Masters

The Big Hash Reflects On Why Artists Should Own Their Masters. The Big Hash is not the only artists in Mzansi that has faced challenges dealing with record labels. The young rapper came out this year indicating that he was taking legal action against the label he was once signed to. He highlighted that all was well at first but things started to gradually change in terms of the treatment he was receiving from the label and that motivated him to walk away.

The Big Hash shared the events that led him to file a court case with the record label. He mentioned that he was no longer being appreciated as an artist “I felt under-appreciated; like I wasn’t being taken seriously, and I wanted to be independent.” He said.

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The Big Hash Reflects On Why Artists Should Own Their Masters

Now the rapper is now an independent artist, he has come out and gave a stern advice to other fellow artists to never be manipulated with record labels. The Big Hash is very much concerned with the well being of all musicians in the country after sharing what he went through. “I really want artists to learn the importance of OWNING YOUR MASTERS. I had to learn the hard way but I came out better for it.” “God bless all the musicians doing this on their own, no matter how long it takes you, never give up on integrity.” He tweeted.

The young hip hop artist stated that he has no regrets, that he has gained a lot of knowledge from this experience. He mentioned that he intends to work hard to reach more for himself in the future. “I want to come back harder and stronger than I was, with no one stopping me from claiming my destiny. I really still love what I do, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve made plenty of mistakes, but the biggest one I could have ever made was to see what I’ve accomplished and think I didn’t want to achieve more.”

The young and vibrant artist has managed to fulfill what he has promised after releasing his new mixtape “ARIES: a Precursor to HEARTBREAK HOTEL.”

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