AKA Buys A 75k Bling Grill Set

AKA Buys A 75k Bling Grill Set. SA Hip hop musicians’ constant use of brand names in music videos and lifestyle demonstrates that the majority of them are fascinated with being fashion icons. Apart from the music, it is clear that these singers’ celebrity stems from their extravagant lifestyles. It goes without saying that they are profiting from the art.

AKA Buys A 75k Bling Grill Set

Its clear that rappers have to keep up the appearance, showing that they are on top of their game by flaunting their most expensive cars, rings, and any other form expensive assets. The likes of Cassper Nyovest and AKA have been on the forefront showing off their luxurious and bling lifestyle in the South African hip hop game.

Recently AKA has shared on his Instagram stories that he has secured a Bling Grill Set that is believed to be worth around 75K. This revelation came out after the SuperMega passed a comment on the short video clip from @gsmcustomgrillz flaunting the expensive looking set of grill. “Shout Out Thanks!” Commented AKA.

Just after being rumored to have spent a fortune on Nadia Nakai’s Rolex watch, the SuperMega seems to be having a good start to the new year, and its a clear indication that there might be more addition to his already packed luxurious assets. Hopefully with some more music!

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