AKA Gets Music Advice From The Big Hash

AKA Gets Music Advice From The Big Hash. The Big Hash’s Aries has been making great strides in the hip hop game. Ever since his squabble with the record label was solved, the rapper has gone in full throttle to show how much he can offer in the rap culture. Recently, The Big Hash came out and shared some good news with hip hop fans. The Peace Beyond Me hitmaker announced that he is going to be dropping new music every week of February, which shows his hip hop followers should be expecting so much more from him this year.

The Big Hash Drops 'Heavy Is The Crown' Featuring Blxckie And YoungstaCPT Ahead Of EP Release
AKA Gets Music Advice From The Big Hash

During an interview on myDMsPodcast, The Big Hash also took some time to give some music advice to AKA. He mentioned that he has so much respect for him since he is a legend in the game but he had to spill some music advice to the SuperMega.

The “Sometimes” hitmaker revealed that AKA must stop making his music targeting a certain audience, rather he should start making music for himself. “Stop aiming for a certain target, start doing that $h**t for yourself in terms of like when you create the music you don’t want to give it to a certain audience, make it for yourself, have fun with it,” he said.

He further explained that he has a good relationship with AKA and he has benefited from The SuperMega’s advice since they have worked together before. “That’s my OG man, I really respect that man because he has given me a lot of smart advice too. We had a record together like there is a record out and there is another one that never came out and within that session, I learnt a lot, he knows what he is doing,” he said.

AKA has been on a collaboration spree with upcoming rappers in the game, he has worked with the likes of YoungstaCPT back in the days, Shane Eagle and many others. I couldn’t watch the roast tonight because I’m in studio making a song with @YoungstaCpt ??finally. ? Tweeted AKA.

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