Blxckie Reveals His Favorite Song From His Album “B4Now”

Blxckie Reveals His Favorite Song From His Album “B4Now.” There is no doubt that a debut album is very crucial mostly to the person that makes it and that has been the case for the Durban rapper Blxckie. The artist’s body of work has shown so much impact in the hip hop game as the rapper provided an excellent insight into his life and the evolution of his sound since he first appeared on the scene years ago.

Blxckie Shares His Thoughts On Where He Feels The Durban Hip-Hop Scene Is Currently
Blxckie Reveals His Favorite Song From His Album “B4Now”

During the PopCast Podcast interview with Scoop Makhatini and DJ Cosmo, Blxckie was taken aback to review some of the songs on his album. The most exciting revelation he was asked to make by DJ Cosmo was to mention his favourite song on his B4Now album. “Usually, when the project is about to be dropped there is a lot of strategies that goes into it, but all of the music is you, all of the music is your personality, all the music is your essence that you have put into the album.”

“If you had to choose the one song that felt depicted you the best which one would it be from the album?” Bxlckie revealed that the song “David” is the best for him on his album simply because of the emotions that are attached to it as well as some of the melodies that compliment the song.

It has to be David, David is a song I was like yeah no this is the one,” said Blxckie. It’s like a mixture of like, there’s is emotions in there, there’s some bars in there, there’s you know rapping, melodic, there’s the bad kings are crazy, like I always tell people that this song is crazy, its actually a miser, but yeah David is the one,” he said.

Somnyama now carries a good reputation in the rap game and he has managed to attract features from different artists in Mzansi music. The rapper has made guest appearances on songs by the likes of  Focalistic, Young Stunna, DJ Maphorisa, The Big Hash, Priddy Ugly, K.O, and others.

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