Cassper Responds To Claims Made Towards His Baby Mama Having An Affair

Cassper Responds To Claims Made Towards His Baby Mama Having An Affair. Cassper has always shared the good sentiments he has for his family. The rapper has always tried to keep his family away from all the celebrity scandals that he is mostly caught up to. Recently, Cass has been dragged in a dating swindle involving his baby mama and Amapiano star Kamo Mphela

Cassper Responds To Claims Made Towards His Baby Mama Having An Affair

The story broke during the MacG Podcast And Chill. MacG mentioned that the rapper is involved in a love triangle involving Cassper, Kamo Mphela, Andile Mpisane and Thobeka. The story has broke the timeline with most of Cassper’s followers sympathizing with him after his family has being dragged into a scandalous topic.

Cassper took to Twitter and responded to the claims that have dragged the name of his baby mama being involved in an affair with Andile Mpisane. “Aye man. Niggas really don’t give a fuck hey. I try my best to keep my family way from the bullshit and the lies but still. The worst thing is you can’t do anything about it. Just gadda take it by the chin and keep it moving. Let live and let God deal with it.” Tweeted Cass.

The rapper further went on and highlighted the careless that people have, he also expressed fear for the children they are raising and what they are going to learn from all the scandalous stories. “Nobody cares anymore. People just say and do things for traction. It’s wild. I fear for the ones we are raising. The ones we have to teach. What will they learn from us?” He wrote.

Cassper has always been open on how he want to raise his child. During a chat with Shomizi on the Dinner at Somizi’s TV talk show. The rapper detailed the things he intends to teach his baby. “Overall I think the most important thing I will teach my son is to love God; and secondly to be fearless and just go for your dreams. Just to add your stroke to the painting of the world,” he said.

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