Did Emtee Just Throw Shade At Focalistic?

Did Emtee Just Throw Shade At Focalistic? Is there ever a dull moment in the South Ah celebville? For once you might think you have seen it all, but the hip hop game will always find something new to dish out. It can be either new music or new beef either of two will keep the rap game at a high point. The mass exodus by other SA rappers to join the Amapainao wave did not sit well with other peers in the game. Emtee is one of the rappers who have remained loyal to the rap culture and he has heavily criticised rappers who joined Amapiano.

Did Emtee Just Throw Shade At Focalistic?

Focalistic is amongst the hip hop artists who have jumped ship to join the Amapiano wave. The rapper has shared on Twitter that he is the king of the streets but he did not clearly mention which one was he referring to since he is partly involved in both hip hop and Amapiano. “President ya Straata,” wrote Focalistic.

Emtee took to time to respond to Focalistic’s post as the We Up hitmaker went on and asked Focalistic which street does he belongs to. Which street? Emtee asked. The conversation raised eyebrows and propelled speculations if the two rappers are beefing or if Emtee is throwing shade at Focalistic. “The Never Know” hitmaker responded to Emtee highlighting that he is the president of the world, from corner to corner. Worldwide. Pitori to Dubai, wang’tshwara? Responded Focalistic.

Emtee and Focalistic have worked together in the rap game following their single track “Klippa.” The track has been making waves within the hip hop space. It’s only to be seen if the two rappers will consider working together again after having that conversation.

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