Heavy K Reacts To The Negativity Towards Cassper Nyovest’s Music

Heavy K Reacts To The Negativity Towards Cassper Nyovest’s Music. Heavy K has carried a very good reputation in maintaining the good sound of South African music. He has produced some good sounds throughout his musical journey. Despite being a household name in House Music, The Drumboss has also featured with great SA artists outside of his genre.

Heavy K Reacts To The Negativity Towards Cassper Nyovest’s Music

Recently, The Drumboss took to social media and threw some shades on people who have been trolling Cassper Nyovest’s verse on the Amapiano track ‘Siyathandana.’ Cassper Nyovest jumped into the Yano movement and featured Boohle on one of the hit songs in Amapiano.

“The way people were dissing @casspernyovest’ s verse on his own song mara hey! When I’m out & the song plays seems like they sing that part with so much passion?? like if you believe in something man like just do it! People always have their opinions.” Tweeted Heavy K.

Upon it release the song garnered attracted a huge number of following on YouTube with over 8 million views. This clearly showed why The Drumboss has to mock all the negativity that have been aired around towards Cassper Nyovest’s lyrics on the song and his pen game.

Cassper aired his disappointment towards Boohle after she claimed that she wrote all the lyrics on the song indicating that Nyovest only wrote his verse. “He only came with his verse. I wasn’t even there,” Boohle told #PodcastandChillwithMacG.

Cassper commented to Boohle’s statements on Twitter, expressing his displeasure and stating that he had nothing but respect for Boohle.

“This is so disappointing and I’ve watched it a few times. I won’t even explain anything about how this song was written but I got so much love for Boohle man. One of the most gentle of souls I’ve met and we made magic together. May God bless her, May she make many more hits.” Tweeted Cass.

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