Lucasraps Drops New EP Featuring Flvme

Lucasraps Drops New EP Featuring Flvme. Being recognized by a famous artist like Snoop Dogg is a significant accomplishment for any musician, much alone one from Mzansi. Lucasraps grabbed the headlines towards the end of 2021 when he bagged a feature on Snoop Dogg’s biggest hip hop project.

Lucasraps Drops New EP Featuring Flvme

The rapper has never stopped working on some more good music for his worldwide following. Just a few days in the new year Lucasraps shared on his social media platforms that has dropped a new EP titled “4 DE MAMI’s.” “Here you go,” ? tweeted Lucasraps. The recent project comes with two tracks, with the other one featuring Flvme.

Flvme also confirmed the feature on the recent project after sharing the art cover of the EP on his Twitter TL with the caption; “IT’S UP !!!” Flvme featured on the “YOU” Remix which comes with some fantastic body of works accompanied with some soothing switch ups and rap flows.

After delivering a good debut album in ‘031 To The World’ Lucasraps has done exceptionally well for himself. Aside from working with some of the industry’s greatest artists, he has also released dope tunes and freestyles. Ever since he made a cameo on the hit song Big Time Sh’lappa, he has gone all the way and made a mark in the rap game, not only in South Ah, but at the international stage.

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