NOTA Discloses How Ngud’ Gave Birth To The Amapiano Sounds

NOTA Discloses How Ngud’ Gave Birth To The Amapiano Sounds. There is not doubt that Kwesta’s Ngud’ is massive and one of the best selling SA hip hop songs which bags a platinum along with a huge number of YouTube views. The song was the most played song on South African radios in 2016, spending 14 weeks at the top of the EMA Local Top 10 rankings.

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NOTA Discloses How Ngud’ Gave Birth To The Amapiano Sounds

NOTA who is believed to be the mastermind behind the track came out and shared on his Twitter TL how Ngud’ gave birth to Gqom and the popular Amapiano sounds.

On this day in 2016 this game changer was released & 45RPM was reborn in the mainstream. Everyone asks where Amapiano started, it began with this record & spread across Tshwane, Ekhurhuleni & Johannesburg until it eventually overcame the Gqomwave!” Tweeted NOTA.

This is not the first time NOTA has disclosed how Ngud’ was made and how it managed to gain much attraction in the music mainstreams. Responding to the fans on who had the best verse on the song, NOTA Baloyi mentioned that he was the brains behind Cassper’s verse on the song and the reason why the rapper was able to grab the limelight on the song.

“That song is a “collaboration.” Two distinctly different styles and approaches and that’s why you can loop the song for hours on end without getting tired. Perfectly balance. That’s Cassper best verse I spent 14 hours mixing his vocals and ad-libs to make him shine on the song,” said NOTA.

During the MacG Podcast NOTA revealed that he is the reason why Cassper was called to feature on the song since nobody wanted to work with him. “The reason why he was on that song it’s because of me. Nobody else involved in that song wanted him, except me and it was my decision to make.

I knew that having him on that song would connect the Nguni speaking parts of this country with the Pedi, Tswana, and Sotho speaking parts of this country… That would make it like a super smash hit,” claimed Nota.

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