Pics! Nasty C Takes Us Down The Memory Lane

Pics! Nasty C Takes Us Down The Memory Lane. Nasty C’s hip hop journey has been a topsy-turvy one, from dropping hits to record label squabbles the rapper has seen it all in the rap game. The beauty is that Nasty C has embraced all that to become the most prominent rapper in South Ah.

Pics! Nasty C Takes Us Down The Memory Lane

With all that comes with being a celebrity the rapper once shared how he wished to have all his pictures taken down from the internet. “Wish I could delete all my pics from the internet,” tweeted Nasty C. Now the rapper must have overcame whatever he was going at the time he wrote the tweet.

This time Nasty C has taken us down the memory lane with some of his old pictures that surfaced from Facebook. The rapper shared the screenshots of the pictures on his Instagram stories reflecting on how he has worked his way up during the making of “Juice Back.”

With how famous he is now, the rapper revealed that his rap is heavily influence by US rappers T.I and Lil Wayne. “LOOK @ GOD. I’m in PORTUGAL & right in the middle of DOING WHAT I LOVE I GET A DM FROM THE PERSON WHO IS THE REASON I DO WHAT IM DOING, TELLING ME TO CHECK MY MAIL… AMAZING VERSE ON MY FAVORITE SONG I CANT WAIT TILL YALL HEAR THIS $H*T THANK YOU GOD FOR T.I.P BLESS HIM MORE. Tweeted Nasty C.

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