“You Can’t Control Me,” Big Xhosa Responds To NOTA’s Remarks On His Rap Freestyle

“You Can’t Control Me,” Big Xhosa Responds To NOTA’s Remarks On His Rap Freestyle. Big Xhosa is a hip hop breakout sensation who has grabbed his chance and utilized it well in the rap game. This time around the rapper has made South Ah talking after he pulled out a great show with a memorable freestyle.

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“You Can’t Control Me,” Big Xhosa Responds To NOTA’s Remarks On His Rap Freestyle

Big Xhosa’s freestyle performance on Sway In The Morning Show made him to top the trends on Twitter and YouTube. Surprisingly, the rapper was not on the radio programme, but his creative editing talents deceived everyone into thinking he was.

NOTA came in heavily on Big Xhosa since he was not deceived by the rapper’s doctored Sway In The Morning video. Baloyi mentioned that the rapper is a joke and that’s why no one in the game want to work with him.

It’s the kids he records with in studio who got to his head. Dude was trending for dissing rappers then thought he won when none of them responded. They just ignored him to death. Now he’s making deep fake videos of Sway & thinks we won’t assume he’s a clown. What a joke!” Said NOTA.

NOTA went on and mentioned that Big Xhosa refused to take his advice for the betterment of his career and that’s the reason why he is in shambles.

A big joke got views but no-one takes him seriously, no-one wants to collaborate. Big Xhosa is just a social media fad. That’s what happens when you don’t listen. I advise the kid many times but he knows better he must build himself a house with the screenshot of him trending #1.” NOTA explained.

Big Xhosa did not shy away as he responded to the acclaimed music mogul. The rapper aired his angered towards NOTA as he highlighted that he wont be controlled by him and he should leave him alone. “Nota, you think you know everything and what you don’t like is that you can’t control me. U got my number, but choose to say this bullshit publicly tells me you don’t even give a fuck about me but yourself and self-praise ,I’m gonna prove you wrong. Highly disappointed in you.” Big Xhosa said.

With all the controversy, Big Xhosa has progressed to the point where he is no longer required to identify himself. He is presently considered as one of the most intriguing sounds and personalities in South African Hip Hop.

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