AKA Calls For Men’s Mental Health Awareness In The Wake Of The Tragic Passing Away Of Riky Rick

AKA Calls For Men’s Mental Health Awareness In The Wake Of The Tragic Passing Away Of Riky Rick. AKA has always been clear about the relationship he had with Riky Rick. The World Is Yours hitmaker shared that he was not only friends with Riky Rick because both have beef with Cassper.

The Supermega made it known via a tweet that Boss Zonke is not about negativity and that’s why the two got along very well. “Riky isn’t about that negative sh*+”, tweeted AKA. The news of the passing away of Riky Rick has been devastating to everyone who knows the rapper and AKA was not exempted.

The rapper has aired his rage towards the tragic passing of Riky with a long and emotional Instagram post on how men’s depression issues are not being addressed. The rapper has shared with sadness that he has witnessed enough of people taking away their lives and the worst is that most of them are men.

“Let’s keep it 100. The last 5 people I know who took their own lives, 4 of them are men. I’ve seen so much suicide over the last year I can’t even feel anything anymore.” wrote AKA. The rapper further went on and advocated for men’s mental health awareness as they carry so much with some suffering from generational stresses.

I hope that very soon we can address the issue of how damaged and broken the men in this country are. We have no one to talk to, we just pat each other on the back and say, “get on with it, be strong my boi” … but in reality, we are traumatised. Generational trauma passed down to us.” He wrote.

The rapper went on to say that men, which include himself, are in desperate need of assistance. “We are crying out for your help. This is so traumatic. Please, let’s not forget about us. We (are) not perfect by any means but damn …. Look at the stats, we are taking our own lives at record highs. Something has to change. ?,” he added.

Following Nelli’s death, AKA revealed he was diagnosed with clinical depression. He also admitted that he stopped taking his medication because it made him feel numb, and his job requires him to feel.

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