NOTA Questions Cassper’s ‘Homophobic’ Tribute To Riky Rick

NOTA Questions Cassper’s ‘Homophobic’ Tribute To Riky Rick. Following the past of Riky Rick, tribute messages were pouring left-right, and center. Cassper was one of the SA rappers who shared some of the memories he had with Boss Zonke. Race, mental health, and sexuality have long been difficult topics on Twitter timelines, and Cass had no idea his homage to Riky would spark such outrage.

NOTA Questions Cassper’s ‘Homophobic’ Tribute To Riky Rick

Some users believed Cassper’s comment came across as homophobic, while others said the tone of the post was nasty. Not only did Mohale Motaung weigh on Cassper’s comments, but NOTA also jumped into the bandwagon to slam Cass for making a homophobic comment.

During the Dread Avenue Podcast, NOTA criticized Cass for choosing to be homophobic on his tribute to Riky Rick. The music mogul questioned how Cassper failed to find one good thing done by Riky instead of making a reckless comment.

“Why do you have to be homophobic though, no why does he have to mention that he is comfortable with men like why?” Asked NOTA. “Like out of the things you can say about Riky, out of all the profound things you could say, you could say that he was the only one that didn’t make you uncomfortable when he comes behind you,” NOTA said.

Cassper’s tribute to Riky raised eyebrows after the Doc Shebeleza hitmaker was accused of making a homophobic statement. “As a man, I am very uncomfortable with another man touching me or worse, being behind me. So when Riky creeped up behind me in the middle of an interview, what I really wanna do is turn around and ask ‘Which one is this one now’ lol… But when I heard his voice I chilled.” Tweeted Cassper.

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