Cassper Reveals How ‘Someone’ Has Been Stealing His Money

Cassper Reveals How ‘Someone’ Has Been Stealing His Money. On top of the money that he has earned through his music, Cassper has expanded his territory by venturing into various business deals.

Cassper Reveals How ‘Someone’ Has Been Stealing His Money

It’s in the public knowledge that the Tito Mboweni hitmaker is loaded with riches and that has attracted vipers to come after his money. The rapper took to Twitter and claimed that his FNB bank card was cloned. The rapper also admitted that he didn’t realize someone was stealing his money for a long time and he is not aware of how much was stolen.

Someone cloned one of my .@FNBSA cards and they have been having a ball with my money. It took me a while to notice so I don’t know how much they really stole but I want to know how is it so easy to get a card cloned? Isn’t our money supposed to be safe with these Banks?” Tweeted Cassper.

Despite getting a response from the bank, the rapper expressed that he feels that his money is not safe after his card was cloned. “Yes, opened a case and it’s being investigated now. My issue is the fact that this can even happen nje. That’s very scary. I don’t feel that my money is safe anymore.” Cassper Nyovest responded.

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