Controversial Podcaster Rea Gopane Rips AKA Apart With Shocking Allegations

Controversial Podcaster Rea Gopane Rips AKA Apart With Shocking Allegations. Rea Gopane appears to have not learned his lesson months after being obliged to pay R300 000 in damages to Bonang Matheba. This comes after he attacked her ex-boyfriend AKA in yet another murky podcast episode.

Controversial Podcaster Rea Gopane Rips AKA Apart With Shocking Allegations

This time around, Rea Gopane has taken to his Everything SA Music TV Podcast alongside Blvck Steph and slammed AKA for a ‘career suicide.’ During the episode, the podcaster reflected on AKA’s career in the past years. “There are ways that you can ruin your brand, and he has done it in every possible way.

“What’s the worst thing an artist can do at a very important time, kill your girlfriend, allegedly. Beat your girl’s a*s in Ghana, allegedly. Leave your baby mama for this witch called Bonang, allegedly.

“Drugs being linked to your name, whack music, not living up to the par, it’s so bad”. Rea continued by comparing AKA’s career to his long rivalry with Cassper, claiming that Mufasa isn’t as terrible as The SuperMega. “He’s not as bad as you [AKA] jumping his girlfriend over the f**king balcony. And being high on coke, allegedly”. Rea said.

Despite their relationship being picture-perfect on social media, AKA and Nadia Nakai caused a stir after they were allegedly involved in an altercation during a show in Ghana. Rea went on to say that AKA chose the wrong girl and he is going to be in the spotlight for dating her. “He picked the wrong girl. He’s literally going to be in the headlines just for dating her”. He said.

AKA and her girlfriend Nadia Nakai are now battling the tabloid Daily Sun in an R800 000 lawsuit. This follows the publication of a report claiming that the rapper abused his girlfriend in a Ghanaian nightclub in public.

Despite the artists suing Daily Sun for the allegations, Rea does not believe the procedure will be successful. “AKA will have to spend R300 000 [in lawyer]s fees] before he gets anything back.” He revealed.

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