Rea Gopane Takes Aim At A-Reece For Making “Trash Music”

Rea Gopane Takes Aim At A-Reece For Making “Trash Music.” Controversial Podcaster Rea Gopane who has in the past landed himself in trouble over the comments he made about Bonang Matheba is back at it again. This time around, Rea Gopane has launched a war against A-Reece and his resilient fanbase ‘Slimes.’

Rea Gopane Takes Aim At A-Reece For Making “Trash Music”

During a recent episode of the Everything SA Music Podcast, the outspoken Podcaster stated that A-Reece has been producing trash music for the past three years.

I have been saying, A-Reece has been making trash music for the past three years, for the past three years dawg, he said. Rea further gave credit to Ambitiouz Entertainment for creating a platform that managed to get the best out of A-Reece.

The foundation of Ambitiouz, that infrastructure was a peek A-Reece after he left he was trying to be like a fake drag with MashBeatz and his mafia movie talks,” Rea Gopane said. During the episode, the Podcaster made it known that Ambitiouz is very important.

He revealed that the label encourages artists to make music for South Africans with A-Reece’s best song under the record label being Mgani. “This is why Ambitiouz is so important because they were telling artists to make music for the South Africans. N*gga left and started making music as if he was gonna blow in America, this is why Ambitiouz is Ambitiouz dawg, Emtee stuck with it he was like ok I’m gonna keep making music for South Africans” Rea said.

This is not the first time A-Reece has been heavily criticized for making music that does not represent South Africans. This came after NOTA claimed that Touch Line Truth is a better rapper than A-Reece because he is making music for South Africa. “@TouchlineTruth can rap circles around all you American wannabe’s.” Tweeted NOTA.

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