Big Zulu Remembers Pro Kid On His Birthday

Big Zulu Remembers Pro Kid On His Birthday. Pro Kid passed away years ago, but his music has endured because he was able to create a name for himself that has weathered the test of time. Pro entered the scene when South African hip hop was still in its infancy and will always be remembered as one of the pioneers of Kasi rap.

Big Zulu Remembers Pro Kid On His Birthday

The rapper has been celebrated for so many years by his peers in the Mzansi entertainment industry. This year on his birthday SA celebrities took to social media to celebrate the life of the late rapper. Big Zulu emerged as one of the rappers who paid tribute to the late rapper.

The Nkabi CEO celebrated Pro Kid’s birthday on Instagram by posting a photo of them together at a concert and wishing him a happy birthday. “Happy birthday, my hero, We will always remember you, King PRO.” Wrote Big Zulu.

It’s lovely when someone is remembered after years have passed and SA rappers have done so many times in remembrance of PRO. It has become a tradition in the South African entertainment industry to celebrate PRO Kid day as celebrities show their respect to the acclaimed.

The likes of Rashid Kay and other rappers took to Twitter to celebrate PRO Kid’s birthday as they showed respect to the acclaimed rapper. Prod Kid could’ve been 41 if he was still alive. “Happy 41st Birthday to the real GOAT” tweeted Rashid Kay.

Linda Mkhize’s death was abrupt and unanticipated; on August 8, 2018, the country lost one of its most brilliant rappers. He received a standing ovation, but he never got to see how much affection the country had for him. He died at the age of 37, which is the average age for South African celebrities to die.

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