Boity Announces Partnership With Paris Perfume Brand

Boity Announces Partnership With Paris Perfume Brand. Boity and her fiance took a romantic trip to Paris, and it is reasonable to say that Boity is departing Paris with love.

Boity Announces Partnership With Paris Perfume Brand

Boity Thulo has expanded her perfume business by partnering with the IFF perfume brand in Paris. The famed rapper took to Instagram and expressed that her dreams have come true after having a meeting with the owner of the perfume company.

“An absolute privilege to meet the remarkable perfumer that is @julienrasquinet who is responsible for some of the most iconic scents in the industry (and a few personal favourites) as well as the formidable team @iffinc PARIS,” wrote Boity.

Speaking about the new partnership deal, the rapper expressed excitement for the outcome and expansion of the company. ”I was treated to an insightful session learning about the history of IFF, their exceptional process of perfume making and our amazing partnership that I cannot wait to see blossom,” she added.

Boity has revealed some of the most memorable moments from her time in France. The most notable of which occurred when she attended the famed tennis tournament Roland Garros.

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