Lucasraps Speaks On The Treatment Of SA Hip Hop In Clubs

Lucasraps Speaks On The Treatment Of SA Hip Hop In Clubs. SA hip hop is dead mantra seems not to be fading away despite SA rappers being up in arms to make sure they bring the game where it belongs.

Despite the efforts of rappers to reclaim their place in the South African music industry, the genre does not appear to be gaining traction. Taking to Twitter Lucasraps has stamped on Clubs to start prioritizing SA hip hop. Taking from his tweet, the Durban rapper has aired anger towards clubs in Mzansi for not prioritizing the rap genre. “Yo.. for all the clubs in South Africa, PRIORITIES HIPHOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Tweeted Lucasraps adding rolling eyes emoji.

Lucasraps has been a vital player in SA hip hop ever since his cameo in the game. The Durbanite rapper has been maintaining a high level of consistency when it comes to giving his fans the latest music. Recently, the rapper dropped a new EP Location Hurting 2.0 which gained vocal contribution from the likes of Big Hash and and Cash Kali.

Before the release of his recent EP, the young rapper also announced that he is currently working on a new music release with one of the best female rappers in Nadia Nakai. Despite not mentioning the release date, Lucasraps followers will be looking forward to a great tune accompanied by the rap prowess of Nadia Nakai who has been in the game for a while. 

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