Nasty C Explains Why He Owns Most But Not All Of His Music

Nasty C Explains Why He Owns Most But Not All Of His Music. It doesn’t seem that long ago when signing with a record company was the only way for a musician to get into the music industry. As a result, many artists are unaware that when they sign a record deal, they often relinquish control of their songs in return for a tiny royalty on all sales. At the same time, there is a possibility that artists can also negotiate a win-win deal with the record company.

Nasty C Explains Why He Owns Most But Not All Of His Music

Nasty C takes the opportunity during a Twitch Q&A to unravel how he handles his music ownership and signing record label deals. The rapper acknowledged that, while he owns the majority of his songs, he does not own all of them.

“I own most of my music, I’m in a partnership right now, in a record label deal,” he said. “So how that works is, you release the music to them right, you give the music to them and they own it for however long and then at a certain period you get it back.” Nasty C explained.

Nasty C went on to say that as an artist he can sign a deal with a record label to permanently own his music. “Like as per agreement the projects as they come out of this term belong to the thing (record label) and it’s like yeah cool fine my money, so no I don’t own all of my music I own most of it though,” he said.

Nasty C has been a force in South African hip hop for the past ten years. The rapper was recently on the Ivyson Army Tour, which included fellow South African rappers and US rapper Domani. Just to keep his fans on tabs with his music, the rapper announced the release of Ivyson Army Tape which is yet to be released.

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