PdotO Names Kendrick Lamar’s Song With The Best Lyrics

PdotO Names Kendrick Lamar’s Song With The Best Lyrics. Despite Drake’s release of a new album, many people are still amazed by Kendrick’s pen game on ‘Mr Morale & the Big Steppers.

PdotO Names Kendrick Lamar’s Song With The Best Lyrics

SA rapper PdotO has emerged to be one of the people who are still praising Kendrick Lamar’s work on his recent album. The rapper took to Twitter and named one of the songs from the US rapper’s body of work which he thinks carries rich lyrical content.

The Lost Diamond singer said Kendrick Lamar’s song Mother I Sober has the best lyrics he’s heard in the past 5 years in rap. “writing-wise, Mother I Sober by Kendrick is the best song I’ve heard the past 5 years in rap. goosebumps if you LISTEN! incredible penmanship and honesty.” Tweeted PdotO.

Five years have passed since Kendrick Lamar released the snappy and vibrant DAMN. During that period, the rapper also managed to create a piece of easygoing music for Black Panther in the rap world. In the Mother I Sober track Kendrick Lamar managed to respond to Whitney’s initial assignment.

He tells a dark story of domestic and familial violence that entrapped himself, cousins, and his mother, his voice dropping to a tearful mumble. Instead of gory details, the plot revolves around rigid periods of silence that imprison everyone to their heads, where they bottle up anguish instead of digesting it.

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