Sizwe Dlomo Hints At Dropping A Hip hop Single When He Turns 40

Sizwe Dlomo Hints At Dropping A Hip hop Single When He Turns 40. Sizwe Dlomo has made a significant contribution to South African hip hop and is widely regarded as one of the game’s most recognized figures.

Sizwe Dlomo Hints At Dropping A Hip hop Single When He Turns 40

The media personality once mentioned that he no longer considers himself to be in the rap game as he labelled hip hop as a young man’s game. This came after one of his fans asked him if he still regards himself as an experienced rapper and would he consider making a return.

The radio DJ responded that hip hop is now a young man’s game as he expressed no desire to be a rapper again. “Hip Hop is a young man’s game. I’m not I’m (on) the streets like I used to be but perhaps more importantly, I have no desire to be.” Sizwe responded.

Sizwe Dhlomo will be 40 years old next year, and one of his admirers suggested he release a hip-hop single when he turns 40. “Can’t you drop a hip-hop single for your 40th?” Reads the tweet. Sizwe Dhlomo responded that he just turned 39 so hinted to follow through with the request next year. “But I’m only turning 39. So next year?” Sizwe Dhlomo tweeted.

Its to be seen if the media personality will follow through with the request and drop a hip-hop song around this time next year.

Since he is a well-respected figure in SA hip hop Sizwe has been dragged into countless conversations regarding the state of SA hip hop. The most recent one involved him being required to weigh in on the contentious question of if Emtee is a better rapper than AKA and Cassper. “Emtee is more Talented than Cassper and AKA combined.” Wrote one Twitter user. “You may not be wrong,” responded Sizwe.

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