Julius Malema On Why He Helped FIFI Cooper

Julius Malema On Why He Helped FIFI Cooper. It is now clear that Fifi Cooper is in a situation where she can handle her own songs as an artist and take charge of her career. The rapper is now a complete Motswako Boss Lady that she originally introduced herself to the nation as.

Julius Malema On Why He Helped FIFI Cooper

Fifi Cooper had a nasty court case with her former record label Ambitiouz Entertainment. The intervention of the EFF leader Julius Malema worked in her favour as the court case went on to be cleared in her favour.

Speaking during the Podcast And Chill Interview with MacG, Julius Malema explained why he had to intervene to help the famed rapper. Malema explained that his intervention was of utmost good faith as he believes that artists in South Africa are underrated and are not given the attention they deserve.

“I did. I like helping artists because they are underrated in South Africa, and they are not given the special attention they deserve because, without them, we would be a depressed nation.” Julius Malema said.

Fifi Cooper released a song Freedom where she talked about how people have turned their back on her. The rapper mentioned in an interview that she appreciates how her music is inspired by the daily challenges she goes through.

“I love the fact that my music is inspired by my everyday challenges and whatever I go through daily,” she said. “I wrote exactly what I was feeling at the time.

“When we trended on Twitter about the court case, he just looked for my number and called me. He said he was willing to help me. I was very happy.

“I know that in every situation, God will come through for me.” She said as per IOL.

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