Nadia Nakai Celebrates Buying Her First House

Nadia Nakai Celebrates Buying Her First House. Since she disclosed her relationship with AKA, Nadia Nakai has been dominating the news. If it is not her news, she is associated with it through her boyfriend or his ex-girlfriends.

Nadia Nakai Celebrates Buying Her First House

The rapper seems to have everything going well for her, as she is always flaunting her romantic relationship with AKA. Nadia Nakai has once again found herself being the talk of the town after she bought her first house. The rapper took to Twitter and announced that she is officially a homeowner. “Picked up my keys for my new house! ☺️☺️ I’m officially a homeowner!! ❤️🙏🏾 Praise God!” Wrote Nadia Nakai.

Nadia Nakai was praised by fans in the comment section of her post for buying such a huge asset to her name. Although there aren’t any pictures of the location yet, Nakai deserves to win given how hard she has worked. The rapper is well known for liking fancy things and the house must be something that is top-tier and fitting for a person like her.

The rapper has been booked on several occasions and that shows how hard she has been working in the music industry. Nadia Nakai recently dropped a single “Not The Same” featuring Lucasraps and it has been making waves since it was released.

Her relationship with AKA has been the main talking point of her life recently. The couple has received different sentiments towards their relationship, both criticism and praise. Podcast And Chill host MacG has also shared his views on AKA and Nadia’s relationship.

The controversial Podcaster mentioned that the two are not fit for each other as he mentioned the lack of chemistry in their relationship. “To me, it’s weird man it makes no sense bro, to me it strikes me as one of those public stunts because when I watch them there is no chemistry bro,” he said.

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