Reason Pens A Message To People With Suicidal Thoughts

Reason Pens A Message To People With Suicidal Thoughts. In recent months, South African hip hop and the entertainment industry as a whole have suffered heartbreaking losses as a result of rappers who committed suicide.

Reason Pens A Message To People With Suicidal Thoughts

Sizwe took to Twitter to write a message to others around him who are contemplating suicide. “To my loved ones around me with suicidal thoughts & fantasies; I don’t agree. but I respect you. And your wish to leave this living experience for whatever reason you see fit. All I ask for is a conversation. If not to change your mind, then to prepare me to live without you,” he wrote.

The rapper encouraged such people to talk about their troubles since it helps; he also admitted that he had struggles but the rapper will not settle for suicide. “I understand that there’s a lot of situations many of us can’t live through. I’ve seen them myself. So many times; and yet, I always chose to break through because I choose to live through them. It doesn’t make me better than you. But it makes me ready to help you.”

Reason further went on and reminded them that their lives are important, and committing suicide is upsetting for those left behind. “I write this mainly because Your life is precious to so many of us and We don’t want to lose you. We may have lost contact with you. May have not checked on you. Or even became enemies to you somehow. However… WE WOULD NEVER WISH DEATH UPON YOU.” Reason added.

Reason is not the first rapper who has spoken out against committing suicide. After her university buddy committed suicide, Gigi Lamyne came forward to advise people not to succumb to suicidal thoughts.

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