Watch! Cassper Spotted ‘Making It Rain’ On Strippers At Club X

Watch! Cassper Spotted ‘Making It Rain’ On Strippers At Club X. Almost everyone has heard the expression “making it rain,” which refers to throwing money into the air to make it appear as though it is falling on someone (most often a stripper). sprinkling dancers with cash.

Watch! Cassper Spotted ‘Making It Rain’ On Strippers At Club X

Following the official opening of Tebogo Thobejan‘s Club X Strip Club in Rivonia, Sandton Cassper Nyovest was one of the stars to grace the event. In a video that went popular on social media, Don Billiato was spotted throwing money at a group of naked ladies.

Cassper Nyovest is seen making it rain on a group of strippers in a clip shared on Club X’s official Instagram Stories. Cassper and his gang are seen in a separate area throwing money at women clothed in G-strings and stilettos.

It didn’t come as a surprise that Cassper was throwing money away at the strip club. The rapper is deemed one of the richest rappers in South Africa and he made it clear that his aim is to become a Billionaire before he gets to the age of 40. “My initial plan was to be a billionaire in 10 years. Today made me believe I will reach my goal sooner. I’ll be a billionaire before 40. God engineering!!!!!” Tweeted Cassper.

According to Club X, their first night was a huge success, with all of their tables being completely booked. The exclusive club also uploaded footage of the dancefloor, which was littered with R200 bills.

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