AKA Stands Against illegal Immigrants In South Africa

AKA Stands Against illegal Immigrants In South Africa. AKA is one of the most loved SA rappers and his music has gained a cult-like fan base not only in Mzansi but across Africa. The rapper has nonetheless expressed his opinions about the safety of South African borders in light of a spike in unauthorized entry by neighbouring nationals.

AKA Stands Against illegal Immigrants In South Africa

AKA claimed on Twitter that contrary to what many foreigners claimed, the tightening of South Africa’s borders does not cause its citizens to be xenophobic. “Wanting South Africa to have a secure border doesn’t make you Xenophobic.” Tweeted AKA.

In another tweet, the father of one went on and vowed that Mzansi must be protected at all cost as he keeps on advocating for the securing of South African borders. “PROTECT SOUTH AFRICA AT ALL COSTS.” Wrote AKA.

This is not the first time Supermega has addressed the issue of xenophobia and foreign immigrants in South Ah. In 2019, the rapper took to Twitter and addressed that South Africa needs practical solutions to fight the issue of xenophobia. This came after foreign nationals and locals faceoff on each other with some losing their lives in the process. “We can say “AFRICA UNITE” all we want. We need REAL, PRACTICAL solutions to fight Xenophobia.” Tweeted AKA.

The rapper continued by calling for African togetherness and denounced the murders of Africans by other Africans in xenophobic attacks.

“Now that we know it’s mostly South Africans who died in the past two weeks of violence … it’s almost like it’s okay. We have a disgusting problem with our own self-confidence and with violence. What a mess.

“How’s about we put all this nonsense behind us and come together as AFRICANS once and for all huh?” He tweeted.

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