NOTA Appears In Court On Charges Of Defamation

NOTA Appears In Court On Charges Of Defamation. Nota Baloyi, a controversial local figure, was hauled to court by award-winning musician DJ Shimza for allegedly hurting his reputation with statements he posted on Twitter.

NOTA Appears In Court On Charges Of Defamation

Nota is renowned for speaking his thoughts even when no one concurs with him. Taking to Twitter NOTA Baloyi has confirmed that he will be appearing before the judge at Johannesburg High Court today after DJ Shimza laid charges against him for damaging his reputation on Twitter.

In the tweet, NOTA also revealed that DJ Shimza was exposed by the people of Tembisa for benefitting from tenders where the law was not adhered to.

Good morning fellow South Africans… Today I’ll be at the Johannesburg High Court where Ashley Shimza Raphala is suing me for defamation of character because the people of #Tembisa exposed him for benefitting from tenders where the Public Finance Management Act wasn’t adhered to!” Tweeted NOTA.

In another tweet, the outspoken Baloyi revealed that since Shimza is out in Portugal hosting a gig, it is meant to be seen if the prosecutor will have a case against Baloyi. NOTA added that DJ Shimza must still provide evidence to support his claims, and there are currently no indications that he would do so.

I’m here in court to defend against Shimza because he says my tweets damaged his reputation… He’s in Portugal gigging. I wonder if this doesn’t weaken his case against me? He’ll need to prove grounds for damages & it doesn’t look like he has a leg to stand on currently!” NOTA tweeted.

Shimza’s Tembisa restaurant, The Hang Awt, gained attention in May when it served as the location for a cook-off including the minister of tourism, Mmamoloko Kubayi-Ngubane, and media celebrity, Somizi Mhlongo.

The event was intended to promote township tourism, but it received negative press instead. Nota claimed that Shimza’s purported romantic involvement with President Cyril Ramaphosa’s communications officer, Athi Geleba, led to him being given the government gig. 

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