Flvme Explains How He & Emtee Managed To Squash The Beef

Flvme Explains How He & Emtee Managed To Squash The Beef. Beefing in SA hip hop is something that has been normalised, but a rare situation is for rappers to come together and call it a truce and squash the beef. Emtee and Flvme have been the latest rappers to do that this year after they have been beefing for four years.

Flvme Explains How He & Emtee Managed To Squash The Beef

In an interview on Sobering Podcast, Flvme narrated what happened for the two rappers to come to terms with each other even though it was not a walk in the park as they keeps going back and forth at each other. The Facetime chanter stated that he decided to be the bigger person in the whole situation in a bid to tranquillize the situation with Emtee.

“In 2020 he went off at me again, and I decided to let me be the bigger guy in this situation, I’m not gonna go on social media and tweet this n*gga back it’s stupid,” he said. “I called this n*gga, yo my G why the f*ck are you going off at me because I don’t know why we are beefing in the first place, like why are we doing this sh*t?”

Flvme revealed that Emtee was irate with him because he was still upset about what happened at Ambitiouz and how they left without involving them. “He told me he was still mad and angry about the situation at Ambitiouz, he was still hurt about the fact that we left the way we left, we didn’t involve them in that whole plan.” Said Flvme.

“So I was like okay cool, let’s just get over that bullsh*t and let’s get back to being cool and then we were cool,” he said. Despite his belief that his dispute with Emtee was over, Flvme noted that upon his return from his vacation to Namibia, he discovered that Emtee had started trolling him again on Twitter.

“I think that whole period of the year I spent it in Namibia, and come back, the first thing I come back to is him (Emtee) tweeting again, he’s like yo, who’s got better hooks than me, everybody said Flvme, he swears at me and my fans.”

The situation between the two rappers escalated out of control on social media until they met and sort things out face to face. “It just became a situation that was out of control until we linked up, you know he was man enough to pop on me and apologized about that sh*t and we’re good now,” he said.

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