Inside Nasty C’s Memorable Ivyson Tour Performances

Inside Nasty C’s Memorable Ivyson Tour Performances. Nasty C has been expected to deliver when it comes to releasing music and live performances, and the just-ended Ivyson Tour performance was no exception.

Inside Nasty C’s Memorable Ivyson Tour Performances

The highly anticipated tour kicked off on Saturday the 22nd of October at Emperors Palace in Johannesburg. This time, there was a panel discussion about the future of eSports in Africa as well as a gaming experience leading up to the memorable show.

The gaming event is a brand-new component of the Ivyson Tour and was inspired by Nasty C‘s enthusiasm for and expertise in gaming. This indicates that the Ivyson Tour incorporates both gaming and music. The purpose of the unification experience is to motivate people and inspire them to claim their independence and potential.

What make the whole experience worthwhile was the inclusion of big-name SA rappers who graced the stage with their electrifying performance. The ones that grab much attention were the Cassper and AKA performance. Nasty C had to appear on stage with each of them since he has collaborations on AKA’s Lemons (Lemonade) and Cassper on Loco.

Taking to Instagram, Nasty C shared a video clip of his performances with AKA and Cassper, the two big-name SA rappers who have been at loggerheads for so many years. Not only AKA and Cassper grace the Ivyson Tour, but Nasty C also invited Tellaman, Audiomarc, Blxckie, Caseklowzed, DJ J Double D, Emtee, Killamo, Maglera Doe Boy, Nadia Nakai and Unclepartytime.

Taking to Twitter, Cassper Nyovest acknowledged the performance with Nasty C at the Ivyson tour. The rapper stated that he is going to try to bring the Durban rapper to his forthcoming FillUpMmabathoStadium.

“Performed loco wit Nasty C tonight at The IVYSON Tour and that shot went up. I am going to try my best to Get Nasty to come Do Loco and Jump With me at #FillUpMmabathoStadium. Please spam his social media accounts. That shit was lit, I need it Dec 3rd!” Tweeted Cassper.

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